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PEG, LLC Recognized for Achieving the HERS® Rating of Over 100,000 Homes

Oct 6, 2020

Left to right: Sandy Gallo, QAD (Director of Business Development, PEG), Josh Spence, QAD (Senior Operations Manager, PEG), Sandeep Kainth (Chief Financial Officer, PEG), Matthew Cooper (Senior Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, PEG), Steven Baden (Executive Director, RESNET), JoAnn Spence (President, Chief Executive Officer, PEG), Cardice Gray-Howard (Deputy Director, RESNET), Mary Chirinos (Human Resources, Office Manager, PEG), Valerie Briggs (Communications Director, RESNET)


On December 19, 2019, RESNET recognized the accredited Rating Provider PEG, LLC for the achievement of conducting HERS® ratings on over 100,000 homes.

By reaching this achievement PEG has been initiated into the new RESNET “100,000 Homes Club”.  The new club recognizes Rating Providers and HERS® Rating companies that have had over 100,000 homes HERS® rated.

“PEG richly deserves this recognition. Having HERS® rated over 100,000 homes is a notable achievement and represents dedication, commitment and hard work,” said RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden.

“This award means that we’re doing things right…it’s a point of pride for us that we’re making the contribution to not only making homes better, more durable, and more efficient, but we’re also contributing to improving our planet,” said PEG Senior Vice President and COO Matthew Cooper.

PEG, LLC is in its 21st year as a diverse energy efficiency, engineering, environmental, and management consulting firm operating principally in the Eastern and Central United States. PEG specializes in building energy performance, green building program compliance, building diagnostics, environmental and code compliance, thermal performance, HVAC design and operation, and construction defect. These capabilities have enabled PEG to become a leader in the application of national green building standards and demand side energy efficiency protocols. Operating as a design consultant and “boots on the ground” interim and continuous inspection agent, PEG leads the way in the verification of effective planning and real-world application of all aspects of sustainable construction. PEG performs at every level of contracting from commercial structures to residential dwellings to charitable endeavors.

RESNET previously recognized Energy Efficient Homes Midwest of Indiana as a member of the 100,000 Homes Club and will soon initiate more companies. Be watching for the announcement.