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RESTalk EP 95: CRESNET and RESNET Cross Border Challenge with John Godden

Apr 22, 2022




“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, Not by the desire to beat others “-Ayn Rand

What’s it like in the rating world north of our border?

What are some things that the Canadian Raters do that parallel or differ from what is done in the US?

What can we learn from our neighbors to the north through a cross-border challenge?

The Cross Border Challenge is an annual event sponsored by RESNET and the Canadian Residential Energy Services Network (CRESNET) to recognize U.S. and Canadian builders pioneering the path to high-energy performance homes. CRESNET is RESNET’s sister organization in Canada. The awards are issued to the U.S. and Canadian builders who built a minimum of 50 homes and had the lowest average HERS® Rating

Listen in as John Godden, Chair of CRESNET’s technical committee describes the landscape of the raters’ world in Canada. He also shares with us the history of the formation of CRESNET and the RESNET cross-border challenge. (www.CRESNET.CA)

This was the 9th year for the awards. Find out the details on who the winners were here.

New this year was two HERSH2O® awards for builders in the US and Canada sponsored by Greyter Water Systems. These awards went to builders in both countries with the lowest RESNET HERSH2O score. You can read more on the internationalization of the HERSH2O water efficiency rating program here

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