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Sandra K. Adomatis and Frank Swol Appointed to RESNET SDC 900

Oct 6, 2020



Sandra K. Adomatis of Adomatis Appraisal Service and Frank Swol of EAM Associates have been appointed by the RESNET Standards Management Board to serve on the RESNET Standard Development Committee (SDC) 900 – Quality Assurance.

In addition to her 25 plus years in real estate appraising, Sandra K. Adomatis of Punta Gorda, Florida has served as an active SRA member of the Appraisal Institute since 1985. Sandra is an approved instructor and has served on national and local educational committees. Currently she is an instructor for residential seminars and courses through the Appraisal Institute. She is a national speaker on the topic of Green and Energy Efficient House Values, a past president of the West Coast Florida Chapter of the Appraisal Institute and a published author in the Appraisal Journal. Ms. Admomatis presented the keynote address at the 2019 RESNET Building Performance Conference and has received the 2013 Appraisal Institute’s President Award. She also received the received the highly prestigious Appraisal Institute’s Dr. William N. Kinnard, Jr. Award. The purpose of the Kinnard award is to recognize professionalism in education by a worthy professional that contributed to the education, knowledge, professionalism or development of the real estate appraisal profession.

Frank Swol serves as the vice president of Wall, New Jersey based EAM Associates. The company offers an extensive portfolio of energy and management services to builders, architects, electric and gas utility companies, government agencies and other building industry and HVAC professionals.  EAM Associates is an accredited RESNET Quality Assurance Rating Provider. Frank has over 20 years of combined experience in residential and commercial construction and energy efficiency.  He serves as the company’s certified Quality Assurance Designee. Frank is a past president of the Northeast Home Energy Rating Alliance.

The RESNET SDC 900 is responsible to oversee RESNET’s quality assurance and sampling technical standards and amending the standards.  For more information go to RESNET SDC 900

RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden commented on the appointments, “RESNET is grateful that Sandra and Frank volunteering to serve on the important SDC 900.  Their knowledge and experience will bring new perspectives to the committee and serve to make RESNET’s quality assurance standards even more effective”