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Texas Appraiser HERS® Index and House Bill 3215 Workshops

Apr 12, 2023 AppraisersGeneral

Appraiser workshops on “Texas HB 3215 and Appraisal Implications” are being hosted in April in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas.

The workshops are to educate Texas appraisers on the new HERS® Index Score option to the Texas energy code and its implications on the Texas housing market. The events explain what a HERS® rating is and how to use it in valuating the green features of homes. It will also introduce the Appraisal Institute/RESNET® Appraiser Portal which allows residential real estate appraisers to locate homes that have been HERS® rated.

The workshops are being conducted by Sandra Adomatis, SRA, who is an officer of the Appraisal Institute and serves on the RESNET® Board of Directors.

In addition to these appraiser workshops, RESNET® is hosting educational workshops with each of the local homebuilder associations across the state, in partnership with the Texas Association of Builders. These sessions focus on explaining the HERS® Index and the new law’s implications that recognizes HERS® ratings as a compliance option to the state’s energy code. The events feature RESNET® staff and Texas HERS® rating companies and have been well attended and received by builders and others throughout the state.