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Rater Trainer Professional Development Requirements

Effective on January 1, 2018 in order to maintain their status as a rater instructor, instructors must complete the following professional development requirements:

Rater Instructors shall complete a two hour RESNET roundtable on current information each year and also every three years:

  1. Document 12 hours of attendance at the RESNET Conference or other conferences approved by RESNET; and
  2. Complete 18 hours of RESNET approved Professional Development courses delivered by RESNET Accredited Training Providers or other events or venues approved by RESNET. Additional documented hours of attendance at RESNET Conferences qualify under this provision.

Rater Instructor Professional Development Courses from one of the following main topic areas will be considered:

(note- examples listed under each topic are for illustration purposes and not meant to be an exhaustive list):

  1. Instruction
    • Example Instruction Courses:
    • How to develop and execute a training plan
    • How to deliver effective presentations
    • Integrating media
  2. Adult Education
    • Example Adult Education Courses:
    • Teaching critical thinking skills
    • Working memory management principles
    • Teaching architecture
    • Instructional Design
    • E-Learning
    • Graphic Design
  3. Ethics of training
  4. Building Industry Certifications and Standards
    • Example Building Industry Certifications and Standards Courses:
    • HERSH2O® Technical Guidelines and Standards
    • NATE Certification
    • ICC Certification
    • ANSI/ACCA Standards
    • Current QI Standards
    • Future HVAC Grading Standard
    • Building Science
    • Example Building Science Courses:
    • Advanced structures & systems management of:
      • Air
      • Heat
      • Indoor air quality
      • Multi-Family Buildings
  5. HERS® Software Modeling Best Practices
    • Example Professional Development Courses:
    • Common HERS® Modeling Mistakes
    • Pro Tips: shortcuts and best practices for HERS® Software Power Users
    • Lessons Learned from RESNET Field and File QA (Feedback loop from QA back to Instructors)
  6. Example Professional Development Courses:
    • Insulation Grading
    • How (and when) to apply correction factors for diagnostic testing

To request approval for Instructor Professional Development for a course, please complete the Verification Form found here: Instructor Professional Development Verification. The verification form must be submitted with the renewal form after courses were first approved by RESNET. Please also attach a certificate of completion, attendance, or receipt of payment.