Home Energy Raters Can Receive RESNET Professional Development Credits for Attending the 2013 RESNET Conference

Effective on January 1, 2010, RESNET Standards require that certified raters must meet professional development requirements every three years. Certified raters can meet this new requirement by attending sessions of the 2013 RESNET Building Performance Conference.

It is necessary for RESNET revise the procedures for documenting attendance of conference sessions since the 2013 Conference will be combined with ACCA and IAQA. Raters will be able to go any session at the three conferences for professional development credits.  For 2013, Raters can verify their attendance at the RESNET Conference via the conference website. A complete list of attendees will be posted after the conclusion of the 2013 Conference. RESNET will not keep documentation of rater attendance at conference sessions.

Attendance of the conference from February 27-March 1, including all breakout sessions and the general session, will 18 total credit hours. Pre-conference sessions also provide professional development credit hours, but courses vary in length/credit. Professional Development credits are a one hour to one credit ratio (i.e. 90 minute breakout sessions are 1.5 credits).