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From the Desk of Cardice Howard

Dec 13, 2018

To:     HERS® Industry and RESNET® Network

Going forward together is RESNET’S 2019 Building Performance Conference theme.  I want to resonate that theme and Go Forward Together. 

Kathy Spigarelli announced her retirement from RESNET after serving 20 years as Deputy Director. I will step in as Acting Deputy Director on January 1, 2019. My priorities will be to build on the solid foundation that Kathy helped to create, to go forward with improving on the Gold Standards that RESNET has set, and to work with you all in making RESNET even more responsive and efficient.

I was privileged to be the first Insulation Contractor to hold a seat on the RESNET Board of Directors, from 2014-2017. For nearly a year now, I have worked as RESNET’s Operations Manager, responsible for RESNET’s day-to-day administrative operations, and involved in RESNET’s strategic planning, program development and reporting.

For nearly three decades, I worked in operations for independent insulation contractor(s) in the Dallas/Fort Worth market and worked to maintain cohesive relationships with builders, code officials, sales and operations staff. I worked closely with code officials, builders and HERS® Raters in the implementation of the new Texas building codes, particularly the new ACH air tightness requirement. As an insulation contractor, the one thing I learned is you can’t get in your own way.  You have to know your customers’ business as well as they do, and deliver what they need.

I have been a passionate advocate for RESNET to the insulation industry. As a contractor, I advocated for the training and change, that we as an industry needed, and that I as an insulation contractor wanted. I continue in that role now as RESNET staff liaison to the insulation industry, but also to help expand the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board and build upon RESNET’s relationships with all of the energy and water efficiency product manufacturers that support improving home performance.

As a contractor, I was successful in building teams to support over $2 million in sales per month, with a focus on business development and strategic planning that was customer-centered. I bring that experience to RESNET to work with and support all of our customers, providers, raters, and builders of all sizes.

I look forward to working with all of you, from those I’ve known from previous work, to those of you I’m introducing myself to for the first time. Together, the team we have will build on RESNET’s success and continue to move forward to take the organization and your business with us, to the next level.

Let’s go forward together!