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How RESNET is Poising the HERS® Industry for the Next Level of Growth

May 29, 2018
Into the Great Wide Open
How RESNET is Poising the HERS® Industry for the Next Level of Growth
In November 2016, the RESNET Board of Directors challenged all of us with the ambitious goal that 50% of all new homes would be HERS® rated in 2020. We believe the growth in the demand for HERS® ratings will be driven by two key factors:
  • Maintaining RESNET as the gold standard for the inspection and labeling of a home’s energy performance. This is critical to enhancing the credibility of HERS® Index Scores to the housing industry and program sponsors.
  • Following an aggressive marketing campaign to increase the awareness and benefits of HERS® Index scores.
RESNET as Gold Standard of Assessing Energy Performance of Homes
There are two facets in expanding the credibility of HERS® Index scores:
Quality Assurance
In terms of enhanced quality assurance, RESNET has increased its full time quality assurance three fold and is incorporating a field presence.
In addition, the RESNET quality assurance process is moving to a continuous improvement model from an auditing Raters only model. The goal is to prevent errors before they happen and strengthen the philosophy of compliance rather than citations.
Improved Consistency in Calculation of HERS® Index Scores Among Accredited HERS® Software Programs
All to often in the past homes could have different scores by using different HERS® software programs.
For the past four years, the RESNET Board of Directors has strived to enhance the consistency of the calculation of HERS® Index Scores. This resulted in a greater consistency among software programs.
While important progress ha been accomplished over the past few years, RESNET believes that there is still much to be done. The following enhancements are planned for 2018:
  • Development of a RESNET Building Input Common Schema
  • Formation of a Continuous Improvement HERS® Software Collaborative Modeling Process
Marketing the Benefits of HERS® Ratings
As a result of the additional revenues that are being generated, RESNET will be investing in a campaign aimed at increasing the awareness of the HERS® Index score and the benefits of HERS® ratings.
Over the next couple of weeks RESNET will be releasing a series of announcements that will provide greater details on the initiatives. The releases will cover:
  • The Present and Future of Quality Assurance
  • Efforts to Enhance the Consistency of the Calculation of HERS® Index Scores
  • The Two Year RESNET HERS® Index Marketing Campaign.
Stay tuned.