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Introducing RESNET’s New Quality Assurance Contractor Manager – Scott Doyle

Jun 15, 2017

RESNET is pleased to announce that it has appointed Scott Doyle as RESNET’s new Quality Assurance Contractor Manager.

The new Quality Assurance Contractor Manager position will significantly expand RESNET’s quality assurance effort.  When the new RESNET quality assurance standards are adopted, all quality assurance activities will be undertaken by Quality Assurance Agents who will be trained and certified by RESNET and serve as agents of RESNET.  Scott will be responsible for the training and oversight of the agents.  He will work closely as a team with Laurel Elam, RESNET’s current Quality Assurance Manager.

Mr. Doyle joined the HERS® industry as a HERS® Rater in 2003.  Since being certified as a rater Scott has inspected and tested the energy performance of thousands of homes across a variety of construction types and climate zones.

In 2007 he became a RESNET certified Quality Assurance Designee and Trainer.   Mr. Doyle oversaw quality assurance activities for EnergyLogic and five other RESNET HERS® Ratings Providers.  This involved quality assurance oversight of nearly 10,000 homes annually that were HERS® rated.

From 2008-2014, as a Rater Trainer, Scott trained hundreds of energy professionals across the U.S. using a variety of formats including field, classroom, and e-learning.

Scott has served with RESNET as a volunteer subject matter expert on developing RESNET certification tests.  He currently serves as the chairman of the RESNET Standard Development Committee 200 – Education, Training Assessment and Certification (he will resign as the chairman and member of the committee when he formally joins RESNET staff).  Scott is also the chairman of the RESNET National Rater Exam Working Group and is a member of the RESNET Quality Agent Training Working Group.

Scott will hit the ground running.  His HERS® rating field experience and being a Quality Assurance Designee will be a boost to RESNET and complement Laurel’s knowledge and experience with RESNET standards and procedures.  He will also greatly enhance RESNET field quality assurance capacity.

Scott Doyle is passionate about high performance homes and the HERS® industry.  As both a trainer and primary QAD for a national HERS® Provider, one of the most rewarding things for him was witnessing the success of so many of the energy professionals across the United States that he trained and mentored, including multiple raters that have gone on to become RESNET Certified Trainers and Quality Assurance Designees. He believes in taking an active role in making our industry better.

Scott will begin working for RESNET on July 10, 2017.

Please join us in welcoming Scott Doyle to the RESNET team.