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McStain Neighborhoods: March 2022 RESNET HERS® Index Builder of the Month

Mar 3, 2022



Colorado’s McStain Neighborhoods is the March 2022 RESNET HERS® Index Builder of the Month. Since 1966, McStain Neighborhoods offers exquisitely designed homes in multiple locations along the front range that promote wellness for families and protect the health of the planet for future generations to come. In 2021, McStain Neighborhoods had an average HERS® Index Score of 41.6.

In this month’s feature, we asked Christian Jaeger, Marketing Director at McStain Neighborhoods to share some insight on building HERS® homes for their customers.

Christian says the HERS® Index “provides a way to measure the efficiency of a McStain home against others in the market, so we can provide evidence to back up our efficiency messaging. For builders who aren’t utilizing HERS® Index scores, we believe that raises a red flag in the mind of our customers. What are they hiding?”

He adds, “A HERS® Index helps provide consumers an idea as to how efficient their home is and how much energy and money they can expect to save every month. We are proud of how low our HERS® Index scores average which ultimately provides a greener, healthier, and more efficient home.”

McStain Neighborhoods believes building with HERS® is a market opportunity, but also a responsibility. “We have the technology to build more efficient homes and the evidence from climate change that we need to. Builders who neglect this are doing a disservice to their buyers, communities, and the world at large.”

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