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RESNET and Pearl Certification Collaborate to Demonstrate Unity in Labeling Homes Energy Efficiency

Sep 11, 2018
RESNET and Pearl Certification are collaborating to ensure that the HERS® Index Scores and Pearl Certification Reports complement each other in the new and existing homes markets.
Pearl Certification is a national firm that provides third-party labeling of existing homes with “performance assets” that make them healthy, safe, comfortable, energy and water efficient. The Pearl Certification targets retrofits and existing homes. Pearl Certification was accepted into the prestigious National Association of Realtors Reeach Accelerator program in 2017. Pearl has established its certification on the East Coast and in California, and recently expanded into the Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona markets. In many cases, Pearl uses certified RESNET HERS® Raters to conduct the inspections of the homes.
RESNET and Pearl Certification has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The purpose of the MOU is for the two organizations to collaborate to mitigate potential confusion among consumers, real estate agents, appraisers, homebuilders and others regarding the HERS® index and Pearl Certification.
In the MOU RESNET and Pearl agrees to work together to:
  • Explore strategies for explaining to all stakeholders, including homeowners, real estate agents, appraiser and home builders, that the HERS® Index and Pearl Certification are complimentary rather than competitive (i.e. consumers do not have to make a choice between one of the two systems);
  • Pearl has four levels of labels according to the energy efficiency of a home: platinum, gold, silver and bronze. The bronze level approximates the RESNET reference home. RESNET and Pearl will jointly explore “buckets” in Pearl labels which grouping of HERS® Index Scores can fit within, such that a HERS® Index Score can be “translated” into a Pearl label;
  • Jointly explore how Pearl can recognize and showcase HERS® Ratings in its Pearl Certification Reports;
  • Jointly explore how RESNET can incorporate Pearl Certification in its Registry that is used by consumers and appraisers;
  • Explore joint exhibiting at industry trade events;
  • Explore joint statement on collaboration between two organizations that implements the strategies developed above for explaining how RESNET Index Scores and Pearl Certification complement each other.
RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden commented, “This collaboration offers RESNET a passage way through a relationship to the National REALTORS Association and the existing homes market. It also holds promise to boost our effort to get HERS® Index Scores into the MLS. The effort will create new visibility for the HERS® system in the existing homes market homes. This collaboration will present certified RESNET HERS® Raters with new business development opportunities.”
“By coordinating their approaches, RESNET and Pearl will take a major step forward towards ensuring that energy efficient homes are properly valued,” said Cynthia Adams, CEO of Pearl Certification. “We know that Pearl Certified homes can already command a 5% sales price premium when marketed properly. Together, RESNET and Pearl can enhance the visibility of for-sale energy efficient homes in ways that will increase this premium over time.”
“As part of this partnership, RESNET will add a field for Pearl Certification in its industry-leading appraisal portal,” said Pearl President and COO Robin LeBaron. “This represents a major step forward for centralizing energy efficiency information by providing appraisers with a single source to access both HERS® ratings and Pearl Certifications. Appraisers who want more detailed data about a home’s efficient features will be able to consult an Appraisal Institute’s Green and Energy Efficient Addendum that Pearl populates with data.”