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RESNET HERS Index Consumer Marketing Tools

Aug 28, 2018

A key mission of RESNET is to assist the HERS Rating industry to succeed as profit-based companies.  A critical element in achieving this is to partner with certified RESNET HERS Raters to increase the demand for HERS Ratings.

RESNET is developing marketing tools to assist certified RESNET HERS Raters and their builder clients in marketing the HERS Index to consumers.

As part of this effort RESNET offers free consumer marketing pieces on the HERS Index.  The RESNET HERS Index tools are designed to help HERS Raters and their builder partners effectively promote HERS Ratings to prospective homebuyers. The tools are customizable, allowing builders to insert their company logos, information and contact information. The HERS Index tools are part of RESNET’s ongoing commitment to support our HERS Raters and builder partners in their efforts to successfully market their HERS-rated homes to consumers. Use of these tools is cited by many successful Rating Providers as a key to success.

For free, Raters can download the following customizable RESNET HERS Index tools:

Consumer HERS Index Brochure


HERS Index Yard Sign

Consumer HERS Index Video “Ask for the HERS Index Score”


CLICK HERE to access customizable RESNET HERS Index marketing tools