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RESNET Issues RFP for HERS® Index Earned Media Campaign

Nov 30, 2012

RESNET is seeking professional services to undertake a HERS® Index Score earned media campaign.  The strategic objectives of the HERS® Index Score campaign are:

  • Place stories in mainstream print, broadcast and online media outlets to emphasize increased energy efficiency as a critically important factor to buyers in the same way a 49 MPG.  The contractor will propose the targeted media outlets for RESNET’s approval.
  •  Educate consumers about an existing MPG for homes.  They simply need to begin demanding it.
  • Increase the demand for HERS® ratings
  •  Create a center of gravity around which construction and developmentinterests can rally to support widespread adoption of HERS® as the guide to the energy performance of a home
  • Increase visibility and profile of RESNET.
  • Assist in getting consumers to place importance on energy performance

Proposals are due on Monday, January 7, 2013.

For a copy of the RFP contact Steve Baden at sbaden@resnet.us