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RESNET Recently Featured in Home Energy Audit Checklist on Redfin Blog

Feb 25, 2022


Real estate company Redfin recently asked RESNET and other experts what a home energy audit is and how homeowners can conduct one on their own. The article is featured on Redfin’s blog at https://www.redfin.com/blog/home-energy-audit-checklist/

The blog starts with the question–“We have so many ways to measure the efficiency of our work, our cars, and other areas of our lives. But how do you measure the efficiency of your home? The answer is simple: a home energy audit.”

Along with a definition of a home energy audit for homeowners, the writer lists the main items it recommends homeowners include in their home energy audit checklist. 

The tips include checking insulation, heating and cooling systems, appliances, lighting, air leaks, and water heaters.

The last and most important tip is, of course, to call in the pros to get a more extensive home energy audit. “You can complete most of the essential components of a home energy audit on your own. However, to get the most accurate picture of your home energy situation, it’s best to call the professionals, as they have a vast array of tools to assess your home.” 

The blog closes with a quote from RESNET Program Director Ryan Meres who instructs readers, “Leaky walls, floors, ceilings, and ducts are a big cause of high energy bills and uncomfortable spaces. Get your home inspected and tested by a home energy rating (or HERS) professional, so you don’t waste money on needless upgrades.”

Read the full blog post here.