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RESTalk EP38: About Panelized Construction with Anthony Grisolia, IBACOS

Nov 22, 2019



When you have a system, you kind of get in a routine of what’s important. And then you spend a lot more time on thinking of things that would make it better.-Nick Saban

Structured thinking.

Systems thinking.

Our guest today (and his company) embody systems thinking at a very high level.

Anthony Grisolia, Managing Director Innovation at IBACOS, joins us to discuss the history, background, process, and role of the HERS® rater in the world of panelized construction.

Panelization in construction is a very structured, systematic topic. If you are not familiar with panelized construction, you soon will be. When you dig into it, panelized construction has its roots in the 1950s. In 2014, the top 20 US builders used panelization in roughly 40% of their builds. Yet, overall, modular, precut and panelized construction amounted to only 3.6% of the market in 2016.

Anthony shares with us his technical and market understanding of panelization and its relationship to costs, labor and BIM (Building Information Modeling).

He discusses the implications for HERS® Raters across the range of panelization modes regarding topics like where the inspection process takes place (as some of the traditional inspections can be done in the manufacturing plant), and duct and air tightness testing, which still needs to be completed on a building site.

You can reach Anthony by sending an email at info@IBACOS.com

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