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Two Interpretations: MINHERS® 2019-002 and MINHERS® 2019-003, Addendum 36

Oct 15, 2019

Interpretation MINHERS® 2019-002 Duct Insulation Inspection:

The Interpretation Request (IR) sought clarification of inspection requirements for verifying the insulation value of foil products used as duct insulation. RESNET Standard Development Committee 300 responded that RESNET standards currently do not have requirements on which to base an interpretation. The issue will be added to the list of topics to be pursued during the next update of the standards. The Committee agreed that guidance in this area is necessary during the interim and included in its comments, references to current Federal Trade Commission regulations for insulation products and to appropriate test standards. Click here to learn more.

Interpretation MINHERS® 2019-003 Addendum 36 QAD Professional Development:

Standard Development Committee 200 issued this interpretation to clarify that QADs who are actively reviewing other raters’ work, but not actively performing ratings as the “Rater of record” must comply with the requirement of the MINHERS® Chapter 2 Section  “Certified Home Energy Raters who have not completed any Confirmed, Sampled, or Threshold ratings within the three-year certification period shall successfully complete one RESNET graded-field evaluation, in addition to satisfying either or″. Click here to learn more.