The 2020 RESNET Board Election voting will be online and the deadline for voting will be Monday, December 16, 2020.

The RESNET By-Laws provides for staggered terms of office for board members.  The tenure of the following seats will expire on December 31, 2020:

Provider Representatives – 2 Seats

Incumbents are:

Cy Kilbourn, Ekotrope

Clayton Morris, DPIS Engineering, LLC

Rating Company Representative – 3 Seats

Incumbents are:

Theil Butner, Pando Alliance

Roy Honican, Blue Grass Energy

Abe Kruger, SK Collaborative

Appraiser Representative – 1 Seat

Incumbent is:

Jim Amorin, Appraisal Institute

Code Official Representative – 1 Seat

Incumbent is:

Mark Johnson, International Code Council

Associate Member Representative – 1 Seat

Incumbent is:

David Goldstein, Natural Resources Defense Council

According to Section 3.03 of the RESNET By-Laws on the RESNET board elections, members of each membership category elect their representatives on the board.

The RESNET By-Laws provide that the RESNET Board Executive Committee appoint a Board Nominations Committee that would recommend a slate of candidates for each membership’s consideration.   To download the By-Laws go to RESNET By-Laws 

The RESNET Board of Directors has adopted procedures for RESNET Board Elections.  The procedures include the process for nominating candidates to be placed on the ballot and the security and transparency of the vote counting process.  To view the new procedures go to RESNET Board Procedures for RESNET Board Elections

Persons interested in being considered by the 2020 Board Election Nominations Committee must complete the application posted at RESNET Board Application by September 30, 2020.  The application will include a Statement of Affiliations and Interests for Candidates for the RESNET Board of Directors and a Candidate Questionnaire that must be completed to be considered.

The nominations committee will announce the slate of candidates on October 19, 2020.

Interested candidates not nominated by the nominations committee can secure a place on the ballot by securing an electronic petition signed by a minimum of 10% of the membership category that the candidate represents.  The deadline for submitting independent nomination petitions is November 19, 2020.

The following are the timelines for the 2020 RESNET Board Election:

Call for nominations to be considered as candidates for the               September 7, 2020

RESNET 2020 Board election

Deadline for Applications to be Board Candidate                                September 30, 2020

Notification of board candidates nominated by the                              October 19, 2020

2020 RESNET Board Nominations Committee:

Deadline for Submitting Petitions to be Independent                           November 19, 2020


Link to Online Ballot E-mailed to Membership:                                       December 2, 2020

Deadline for online voting:                                                                        December 16, 2020

Announcement of Election Results                                                          December 21, 2020

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