RESNET Board Candidates Nominated by the 2019 RESNET Board Nominations Committee

On September 6, 2019, RESNET issued a call for nominations to be considered as candidates for the RESNET 2019 Board election.

The RESNET By-Laws require that the RESNET Board Executive Committee appoint a Board Nominations Committee that would submit a slate of the most qualified candidates for each membership’s category’s consideration. The RESNET By-Laws are posted on RESNET’s website at RESNET By-Laws

The RESNET Board of Directors has adopted procedures for RESNET board elections. The procedures include the process for nominating candidates to be placed on the ballot and the security and transparency of the vote-counting process. To view the procedures go to RESNET Board Procedures for RESNET Board Elections

The members of the Board Nominations Committee appointed by the RESNET Executive Committee are:

• Jim Amorin – Appraiser Association
• Roy Honican – HERS® Rating Company
• Cy Kilbourn – HERS® Software Provider
• Nancy St. Hilaire – Immediate Past RESNET Board President

The following individuals have filed as candidates for the 2019 RESNET Board election:

HERS® RatIng Company Representatives (One Seat Open)

• AJ Afkham, GreenWorks Energy Specialists Inc. (New)
• Matt Gingrich, Energy Diagnostics (Incumbent)

Provider Representatives (6 seats open)

• Dave Bell, Top Build (Incumbent)
• Philip Fairey, Florida Solar Energy Center (Incumbent)
• Emelie Glitch, Performance Systems Development (Incumbent)
• John Hensley, Building Performance Solutions, LLC (Incumbent)
• Paulette McGhie, Energy Inspectors (Incumbent)
• Chris McTaggart, Building Efficiency Resources (Incumbent)

Production Builder Representatives (2 open seats)

• Brian Shanks, Beazer Homes USA (New)
• Clayton Traylor, Leading Builders of America (Incumbent)

Contractor Representative (1 open seat)

• David Beam, Insulate America (Incumbent)

Water Efficiency Representative (1 open seat)

•  Jacob Atalla, KB Home (Incumbent)

The following are the candidates’ Candidate Questionnaires:

HERS® Rating Company Representative

AJ Afkham’s Candidate Questionnaire
Matt Gingrich’s Candidate Questionnaire

Provider Representatives

Dave Bell’s Candidate Questionnaire
Philip Fairey’s Candidate Questionnaire
Emelie Glitch’s Candidate Questionnaire
John Hensley’s Candidate Questionnaire
Paulette McGhie’s Candidate Questionnaire
Chris McTaggart’s Candidate Questionnaire

Production Builder Representatives

Brian Shanks’ Candidate Questionnaire
Clayton Traylor’s Candidate Questionnaire

Contractor Representative

David Beam’s Candidate Questionnaire

Water Efficiency Representative

Jacob Atalla’s Candidate Questionnaire

The 2019 RESNET Board Candidates Nominations Committee has voted unanimously that the above candidates are qualified to be placed on the RESNET Board election ballot.  For the HERS® Rating Company Representative race the Nominations Committee endorsed Matt Gingrich as the most qualified candidate.

The following are the timelines for the 2018 RESNET Board Election:

Link to Online Ballot E-mailed to Membership     December 2, 2019

Deadline for Online Voting                                        December 16, 2019

Announcement of Election Results                          December 20, 2019