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2013 Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards and Addenda

RESNET’s Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards (MINHERS) are maintained on a continuous basis and updated with new editions every five (5) years. When addenda implementing amendments are added to an edition of the MINHERS they are integrated into an official version that is maintained to indicate up-to-date requirements. That version is currently referred to as the Continuous Maintenance Version. It is mobile friendly and may be accessed at https://standards.resnet.us

RESNET also maintains the formal editions of the MINHERS and the individual addenda to those editions including the adoption and implementation dates. See the links below for the MINHERS 2013 Edition and its addenda.


Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards


Addendum 1-Revisions to RESNET Training and Certification Standard

Addendum 2- Revision of Gas Leakage Testing Standard

Addendum 3-Incorporation of RESNET National Building Registry

Addendum 4-Revision of RESNET Discipline and Appeals Procedures

Addendum 5-Revision of RESNET National Building Registry

Addendum 6-Revision to RESNET Quality Assurance Standards

Addendum 7- Revision to RESNET National Rating Technical Standard

Addendum 8- Revision to RESNET Rater Training and Certification Requirements

Addendum 9- Revision to RESNET Energy Smart Education and Qualification Provider Accreditation

Addendum 10- Removal of References to Comprehensive Home Energy Raters and Building Performance Auditors

Addendum 11- Revision to Multifamily Rating Quality Assurance Reviews

Addendum 12- Revision of Petition for Stay of Action and Revision to RESNET to QA Provider Challenge the Findings of a RESNET Quality Assurance Review

Addendum 13- Revision to RESNET CAZ Standards

Addendum 14- Revision on Assessment and Certification of Rating Field Inspectors

Addendum 15- Revision of Onsite Quality Assurance Reviews

Addendum 16- Revision Of Effective Dates For Raters Passing The Rater Simulation Practical Test

Addendum 17- Final Amendment No. 2015-02f: Revision for Ratings of Energy Star Certified Multi-Family Dwelling Units in 4 & 5 Story Buildings and Innovative Design Request Definitions (June 28, 2016)

Addendum 18- Final Standard Amendment on Appeals

Addendum 19- Interim Standard Amendment- MINHERS Chapter 2-2013 Addendum x-2016 Rating Field Inspector Evaluation

Addendum 19f- Chapter 2 Rating Field Inspector Evaluation

Addendum 20- MINHERS Adopt Standard ANSI/RESNET/ICC 380-2016 and Addenda

Addendum 21- Chapter 1 Rating Software Changes (Persistence)

Addendum 22- Chapter 1 Software Accreditation

Addendum 23- Chapters 2 & 3 Reference Standards and Scope

Addendum 24- Chapter 2 Training and Certification

Addendum 25i- Chapter 2 Recertification

Addendum 25f- Chapter 2 Recertification

Addendum 26- Chapter 1, 2 & 3 CAS Hazard, Probationary Ratings and Reference Standards

Addendum 27- HERS Scope, Definitions and 4 Story Dwelling Ratings

Addendum 28i- Appendix B Confirmed Threshold Rating Definition

Addendum 29- Quality Assurance Designee

Addendum 31i- Chapter 2 Rescind Rater Simulation Practical Test for Certified Raters

Addendum 32i- Chapter 5 Addendum Effective Dates and Transition Period

Addendum 32f- MINHERS Standards Revisions and Amendments

Addendum 33 Practical Experience for QAD Certification

Addendum 35 Software Accreditation

Addendum 36 – Rater Recertification and HESP Elimination

Addendum 39- Non-Measured Ventilation Airflow and Ventilation Fan Wattage Defaults

Addendum 40i- Revision to Ethics Appeal Panel

Addendum 40f- Revision to Ethics Appeal Panel

Addendum 41i- “Tropical Climate Zone” and “Living Space” Definitions; Add Time-limited Leakage Testing Exception for Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands

Amendment No. 2019-02: Addendum 42 – Adoption of Standards ANSI/RESNET/ICC 301-2019 and ANSI/RESNET/ICC 380-2019