8:00 AM-Noon

HERS® 101

Presenter: Abe Kruger, SK Collaborative

1:00-5:00 PM

REM/Rate Training

Presenters: Rob Salcido and Brian Christensen, Architectural Energy Corporation

Opening General Session 8:30-10 AM

New Morning

Steve Baden, RESNET Executive Director

Session 1

10:30 AM-Noon

The Building Shell Game: How to Find the Winner for your Project

Presenters: David Carolan, Solid Green Systems

HERS® Ratings as Compliance Option in the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code – Builders’ Perspectives

Presenters: Jacob Atalla, KB Home, Jim Petersen, Pulte Group & Dean Potter K. Hovnanian Home

Valuing the Future:  Keys to Appraisal of High-Performance Building

Presenters: John Brenan, The Appraisal Foundation; Carlton Segars, Licensed National Appraiser Instructor; Douglas Loren Rives, Certified SRA Texas Appraiser; Michael Jorgenson, Certified National Appraisal Management Company; Certified National Appraiser; Michael Hobbs, SRA, RAA Licensed Appraiser; Teresa Lopez, Green Energy Money & Mortgage Banker w/ Security National Mortgage & Jason La Fleur, Eco Achievers

Multi-Family Ventilation Update: Best Practices, Practical Applications and ASHRAE 2013

Presenters: Ray Ivy & Mike Barcik, Southface

What’s Next with ENERGY STAR?

Presenters: Dean Gamble, U.S. EPA; Zak Shadid, U.S. EPA; Jon Passe, U.S. EPA

Why the Housing Market is Ready for Zero Energy Ready Homes Today: The Business Case for DOE Challenge Home

Presenter: Sam Rashkin, U.S. DOE

Do You Want Them To Pass a Test – OR – Learn How To Do Their Job Right?

Presenters: Rob Moody, Organic Think Inc; Doug Donovan, Interplay Energy & Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors, LLC

Train the Trainer Sales Session

Presenter: Gord Cooke, Building Knowledge

Evidence of Energy Savings Produced by Radiant Barriers and Interior Radiation Control Coatings: Experiments and Modeling

Presenters: Mario A. Medina, University of Kansas and Gene Bassham, Fi-Foil Company, Inc.

Session 2

1:30- 3:00 PM

All for One or One for All: Modeling Multifamily

Presenters: Michael Hackney & Jamie McKenzie, ICF International

HERS® Ratings as Compliance Option in the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code – Raters’ Perspectives

Presenters: Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors; Eric Makela, Britt/Makela Group & Nancy St. Hilaire, Home Energy Group

HERS® Index and Utility Brand Make a Powerful Partnership

Presenters: Jeff Smith & Danna Clary, Georgia Power

The SAVE Act, or How Energy Raters Play A Crucial Role in Updating our Housing Stock

Presenters: Mike Collignon, Green Builder Coalition; Laureen Blissard, Green Builder Coalition & Bill Fay, Energy Efficient Codes Coalition

ACCA Manual J Basics for ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

Presenters: Dean Gamble, U.S. EPA; Joe Schambach, ICF International; Charlie Haack, ICF International 

Rating Zero Energy Ready Homes: How to help builders participate in DOE Challenge Home and certify their homes using RESNET software

Presenters: Jamie Lyons, Newport Partners, LLC and Daran Wastack, DR Wastchak

How to Verify Manual-J Accuracy and Properly Select Equipment

Presenter: Isaac Savage, Home Energy Partners

Selling Your Value as a RESNET Energy Rater Session

Presenter: Gord Cooke, Building Knowledge

Program QA vs. Provider QA – What’s the Difference?

Presenters: Doug McCleery, MaGrann Associates and Pat Fitzgerald, NYSERDA

Session 3

3:30- 5:00 PM

The Future – HERS® in 2024

Presenters: Laura Capps, Southface Energy Institute; Steve Byers, EnergyLogic; Ben Adams, Magrann Associates & Jesse Krivolavek, American Energy Auditors

Extend and Amend – Breathing New Life into the Federal Energy Efficient New Homes Tax Credit

Presenters: Carl Chidlow, Cardenas Partners; David Goldstein, Natural Resources Defense Council & Clayton Traylor, Leading Builders of America

The Building Science Fight Club Roars – ASHRAE 62.2 vs. Building Science Corporation’s New Ventilation Standard

Presenters: Allison A Bailes III, PhD, Energy Vanguard & Kristof Irwin, Positive Energy

Mobile Data Collection and Ratings: Touch and Go

Presenters: Ethan MacCormick, Performance Systems Development & Rob Salcido, Architectural Energy Coporation

ACCA Manual S Basics for ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

Presenter: Dean Gamble, U.S. EPA; Michael Brown, ICF International; Greg Cobb, iEngineer, LLC

What are These Builders Thinking: Zero Energy Ready Home Builder Roundtable

Presenters: Luis Imery, Imery & Co; Pete Fusaro, Preferred Builders; Jacob Atalla, KB Homes & Todd Usher, Addison Homes & Moderator: Sam Rashkin, US DOE

Valuing the Future:  Mortgage Lending for High-Performance Building

Presenters: Teresa Lopez, Green Energy Money & Kristin Clardy, Security National Mortgage

Add Value to Your Services Using the EPA Indoor airPLUS program.

Presenter: Gord Cooke, Building Knowledge

The Evolution of a Crawlspace – Lessons Learned from a Big Energy Retrofit

Presenters: Mike Barcik, Southface & Skye Dunning, Building Performance Specialists

Session 4

8:30-10:00 AM

Introducing the RESNET – ASNT MOU:  Certification in Infrared Thermography for Building Diagnostics

Presenter: L. Terry Clausing, P.E., American Society for Nondestructive Testing

Mainstreaming the HERS® Index in the Market Place – Incorporating HERS® Index into the Multiple Listing Service

Presenters: David Siegel, Builders Association of the Twin Cities & Peter Rusin, Colorado Energy Office

Increasing Confidence in the HERS® Index Through Consistency

Presenters: Jim Petersen, Pulte Group & Dean Potter, K. Hovnanian Homes

Beyond Mini-Splits: An Introduction to Variable Capacity Equipment for Whole-House HVAC Designs

Presenters: Kristof Irwin, Positive Energy & Allison Bailes III, Energy Vanguard

Getting Builders’ Sales Staff Committed to ENERGY STAR

Presenters: Rick Gazica, ICF International; Nick Hurst, ICF International

Making Zero Energy Ready Homes Easy: Resources for Verifying, Constructing, and Marketing Zero Energy Homes

Presenters: Michael Baechler, Pacific Northwest National Lab & Sam Rashkin, U.S. DOE

WiFi Enabled Gauges: Test Faster & Smarter with Built-in QA/QC

Presenters: Colin Genge, Retrotec Inc. & Joe Medosch, Energy & Environmental Consulting LLC

Multifamily HERS® Ratings: Applying RESNET’s Technical Standards

Presenters: Brian Christensen, Architectural Energy Corporation; Abe Kruger, SK Collaborative; Ted Leopkey, EPA & Gayathri Vijayakumar, Steven Winter Associates

Incentivizing the Next Generation of High Performance Homes:  Program Administrators discuss a Post-IECC 2012/2015 Environment

Presenters: Patrick Fitzgerald, New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) & Michael Burke, Conservation Services Group; Enoch Lenge, Connecticut Light & Power/Yankee Gas; Kathy Greely, Performance Systems Development; Chris Gordon ,Vermont Energy Investment Corporation & Doug McCleery, MaGrann Associates

Session 5

10:30 AM-Noon

High-Performance Fiberglass Insulation Systems; What to Know and How to Know It

Presenter: Jeff Boone, NorthStar Comfort Systems

Rater Trainer Roundtable

Presenter: Doug Donovan, Interplay Energy; Andy Gordon,  Washington State University Energy Program;  Rob Moody, Organic Think & Kathy Spigarelli, RESNET

Ventilation: Effective Strategies & Lessons Learned

Presenters: Doug McCleery, MaGrann Associates

Current and Future State of Solar PV in New Residential Construction

Presenters: Walter Cuculic, SolarCity & Bill Webb, Lifestyle Homes

The “V” in HVAC: Mechanical Ventilation in ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

Presenters: Dean Gamble, U.S. EPA; Ashley Fowler, ICF International; Iain Walker, LBNL

Why Zero Energy Ready is Readily Achievable: Technical Specifications for DOE Challenge Home

Presenter: Jamie Lyons, Newport Partners, LLC

Advanced Energy Lessons Learned: The Good, the Bad and Ugly of Existing Homes

Presenters: John Tooley, Advanced Energy

Modeled vs. Measured Energy Consumption for Single Family Homes

Presenters: Brian Lieburn, Dow Building Solutions

Social Media Essentials: A Guide for RESNET Members

Presenters: Dru Vagale & Rejoy Chatterjee, Fourth Dimension Inc

Session 6

1:30- 3:00 PM

More Bang for Your Buck:  Combining Thermal, Air and Water Barriers

Presenter: Linda Jeng, Dow Building Solutions

The Future of the Quality Assurance of Ratings

Presenters: Ben Adams, MaGrann Associates; Steve Baden, RESNET; Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors & Dean Potter, K. Hovnanian Homes

Business Opportunities in Energy Codes and Performance Testing

Presenters: Robby Schwarz, EnergyLogicMike Turns, PSD, Sydney Roberts, Southface & Pam Cole, PNNL

Blower Door Pressurization Test? – Homes with “Suspect Conditions”

Presenters: Joe Medosch, EEC llc & Corbett Lunsford, Green Dream Group

ACCA Manual D Basics for ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

Presenters: Dean Gamble, U.S. EPA; Charlie Hack, ICF International

Zero Energy Ready Home Technical Solutions: Indoor Air Quality (including Whole-House Ventilation best practices)

Presenter: Sam Rashkin, U.S DOE; Bob Axelrad, US EPA; Nick Hurst, ICF International & James Jackson, ICF International

Are You Getting Your Fan Flows Right?

Presenters: Eurihea Speciale, Building Efficiency Resources & Stan Harbuck, A Better School of Building Inspection

Making the Grade: HERS® Indices for Code and Above-Code Programs

Presenter: Dave Roberts, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

ACCA’s Residential Service and Installation Program

Presenters: Wes Davis, ACCA

Session 7

3:30- 5:00 PM

2012 National Green Building Standard®: A Road Map for Performance

Presenter: Matt Belcher, Verdatek Solutions

RESNET Annual QAD Roundtable: Results of QA Reviews, Strategies for Success in 2014 and Quality Assurance Amendment

Presenters: Laurel Elam, RESNET; Abe Kruger, SK Collaborative & Daran Wastchak, DR Wastchack

Multi-Family Blower Door Best Practices and Newest QA/QC Innovations

Presenter: Colin Genge, Retrotec Inc. & Joe Medosch, Energy & Environmental Consulting LLC

RESNET’s CAZ Simulation Test

Presenters: Doug Donovan, Interplay Energy & Andy Gordon, Washington State University Energy Program

Cost-effective Strategies for Building ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

Presenters: Rick Gazica, ICF International; Charlie Haack, ICF International; John Hensley, PEG

Zero Energy Ready Home Technical Solutions: High-R Walls and Air-Tight Construction               

Presenters: Sam Rashkin, U.S. DOE & Cheryn Metzger, National Renewable Energy Lab

Peak Performance – Why Installation Matters with Insulation

Presenters: Bill Hulstrunk, National Fiber & John Tooley, Advanced Energy & Rick Duncan, SFPA

IAQ, Ventilation, and Airtightness in High Performance New and Existing Homes

Presenter: Brennan Less & Iain Walker, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The Value of Foamed Plastic as a Residential Sheathing

Presenters: Dan Tempas, Dow Building Solutions

Session 8

8:30-10:00 AM

Air Leakage Testing:  What’s New and What’s Coming?

Presenter: Theresa Weston, DuPont Building Innovations

Appraisal Institute’s Residential Green & Energy Efficient Addendum

Presenter: Sandra K. Adomatis, Adomatis Appraisal Service

The Energy Water Nexus

Presenters: John Tooley, Advanced Energy

Powerful New Tool for Builders – Guaranteed Energy Performance

Presenter: Roger Lange, Bonded Builders Warranty Group

Case Studies in Coordination: ENERGY STAR Partners and HVAC Contractors Working Together to Ensure Success

Presenters: Dean Gamble, U.S. EPA; Daran Wastachak, D.R. Wastack; Greg Cobb, Sonoran Air

Zero Energy Ready Home Technical Solutions: Low-Load High-Efficiency HVAC

Presenters: Duncan Prahl, IBACOS & Chuck Withers, Florida Solar Energy Center

Performance Rater Certification by NATE

Presenters: Denny Smith, NATE; Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors & Dennis Stroer, Calcs Plus

Habitat for Humanity’s Sustainable Building Strategy: A Business Opportunity for Raters

Presenters: Rob Howard & Mike Mongeon, Habitat for Humanity International & Scott Lee, Southface

Testing 1-2-3: A New Testing Method for Software

Presenters: Ben Polly, National Renewable Energy Laboratory & Joel Neymark, Neymark & Associates

Session 9

10:30 AM-Noon

Advanced Energy Lessons Learned: Closed Crawlspaces Revisited

Presenter: John Tooley, Advanced Energy

Ensuring the Practical Knowledge of  of Home Energy Raters-  New RESNET Simulation Based HERS® Rater Practical Test

Presenter: Doug Donovan, Interplay Energy; Rob Moody, Organic Think & Kathy Spigarelli, RESNET

2012 Code: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from Maryland, the first state to adopt 2012 IECC

Presenters: Rick Gazica, ICF International

IAQ Expert: “Backdrafting Hazard is Overblown” [or Rethinking Combustion Appliance Safety]

Presenters: Brett Singer, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Building and Verifying Indoor airPLUS Homes Just Got Even Easier

Presenters: Bob Axelrad, U.S. EPA; Nick Hurst, ICF International

Zero Energy Ready Home Technical Solutions: Ducts in Conditioned Space

Presenter: Sam Rashkin, U.S DOE & Jamie Lyons, Newport Partners

Energy Efficient Homes Represent Lower Mortgage Risk – The Evidence

Presenters: Robert Sahadi, Institute for Market Transformation

Changes to LEED for Homes Certification – Introducing LEED v4 for Homes

Presenters: Asa Foss, USGBC

New Metrics of Weatherization Success

Presenters: Darren Maguire, Southeast Energy Assistance, Inc. (SEA)

Session 10

1:30- 3:00 PM

Pushing the Limits of Thermal Imaging – Unique Challenges That Thermographers Face

Presenter: Ron Conner, The Snell Group

Lead Generation 101 for Raters, Auditors and Home Performance Companies

Presenters: Peter Troast, Energy Circle and Allison Bailes III, Energy Vanguard

Field Testing Nightmares Game Show!

Presenter: Colin Genge, Retrotec  Inc.; Joe Medosch, Energy & Environmental Consulting LLC & John Viner, Energy Center of Wisconsin

Sampled Ratings: As Clear as We Can Make Them

Presenters: Emelie Cuppernell, PSD & Daran Wastchak, D.R. Wastchak, L.L.C

New Opportunities for Raters: ENERGY STAR’s Multifamily High Rise Program

Presenters: Ted Leopkey, U.S. EPA; Gayathri Vijayakumar, Steven Winter Associates

Zero Energy Ready Home Technical Solutions: Renewable Energy Ready, Water Conservation, Disaster Resistant Construction, and Water Resistant

Presenters: Fred Malik, Institute for Business & Home Safety & Jamie Lyons, Newport Partners & Jonah Schein EPA WaterSense

Ducted Heat Pump Water Heaters Open Opportunities for Tight Spaces

Presenters: Sydney Roberts, Southface

Advanced Energy Lessons Learned: Valuing HERS® Raters and the HERS® Score

Presenter: Kristi Matthews, Advanced Energy

Indoor Air Quality Concerns When Building Energy Efficient Homes

Presenters: John Warren, SkyeTec

Session 11

3:30- 5:00 PM

Tips & Tricks for being a more effective QAD

Presenters: Abe Kruger, SK Collaborative

Room: Athens

ENERGY STAR v3 from a Raters Perspective

Presenters: Robby Schwarz, EnergyLogic

What Your HERS® Provider Wishes You Knew

Presenter: Allison A Bailes III, PhD & Jeffrey L Sauls, Energy Vanguard

Moving REALTORS® from Introductions to Engagement in Energy Efficiency

Presenters: Lisa Diffenback, Conservation Services Group; Bruce Mast, Build It Green & John Shipman, Energy Efficiency Management

Infiltration Testing and Results in Multifamily High-rise Apartment Units

Presenter: David Ruggiero, ICF International & Michael Schofield, Conservation Services Group

HERS® and Energy Code Compliance – The Whole Picture

Presenters: Mike DeWein, Institute for Building Technology and Safety