HERS® 101

Presenter: Abe Kruger, Kruger Sustainability Group

REM/Rate Advanced Training

Presenters: Brian Christensen & Rob Salcido, Architectural Energy

Opening General Session- Link to Video

Session 1- 10:15-11:45 AM

After the Exams

Presenter: Bill Klotz, Everblue Training Institute

Testing the True-up Techniques: Methods for Testing the ability of Calibration Procedures to Improve Retrofit Energy Savings Predictions

Presenters: Ben Polly and Ron Judkoff, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Philip Fairey, Florida Energy Center; and Joel Neymark, J. Neymark & Associates

Existing Building Triage: What to Fix First

Presenter: Sean Shanley, WegoWise

Verifying HVAC Equipment Selection

Presenter: Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors

Increased Energy Savings with Advanced Lighting and Controls

Presenters: David Ruggiero and Ian Buba, ICF International

Partnering for Workforce Development Success: the Green Grad Education and Training Upgrade Program (GETUP) in California

Presenter: Jennifer Green, Building Science Education Manager at the California Center for Sustainable Energy

ENERGY STAR v3 from a Raters Perspective

Presenter: Robby Schwarz, EnergyLogic

Zone Pressure Diagnostics Testing: Purposes, Techniques, and Limitations

Presenter: Stan Harbuck, A Better School of Building Inspection

Valuing, Financing and Marketing Green Homes

Presenter: Teresa Lopez, LEED Associate and Licensed Mortgage Banker, Green Energy Money


Session 2- 2:00- 3:30 PM

RESNET, Home Raters, and Reflective Insulation Manufacturers: How All Can Work Together

Presenter: Mario Medina, University of Kansas

Extreme Home Makeover: Going from HERS® 364 to 0 Using the Passive House EnerPHit Standard

Presenters: Kristen Simmons and David Ruggiero, ICF International

Creating Reports Your Clients Will Love

Presenter: Corbett Lunsford, Green Dream Group

Rater / HVAC Contractor Relations

Presenter: Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors

Advanced Studies in Unvented Attics

Presenter: John Broniek, Icynene

Market Based Financing of Home Energy Upgrades

Presenters: David Reed, Jacksonville Electric Authority and Sheree Eddie, Jax Metro Home


Presenters: Zak Shadid, EPA and ENERGY STAR Builder Partners

Incorporation of Hot Water Demand Reduction into HERS® Software

Presenter: Gary Klein, Affiliated International Management, LLC

 “The Best Ideas Ever”

Presenters: Jane Conn, Discovery HouseRoy Honican, Home Builders Association Lexington and Bob Kingery, EcoHOME


Session 3- 3:45- 5:15 PM

Air Infiltration Solutions and Products

Presenters: Devin Marino and Linda Jeng, Dow

The RESNET Workforce Pre-Apprentice Technician Credential. Tracking Workforce and Job Quality with Your iPad!

Presenters: Rob Moody, Organic Think and Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors

SEO 101 – What It Really Means to RESNET Members

Presenter: Dru Vagale, Maggie Rust and Rejoy Chatterjee, Fourth Dimension

AC Systems Best Practices: How to Evaluate and Optimize Peak Performance

Presenter: Bill Spohn, TruTech Tools

Why Can’t We Crack the Nut?

Presenters: Robby Schwarz, EnergyLogicCR Herro, Meritage Homes

RESNET’s New ANSI Standards for the Calculation and Labeling of the Energy Performance of Low-Rise Residential Buildings Using the HERS® Index and Building Energy Performance Testing

Presenters: Philip Fairey, Florida Solar Energy Center and Rick Dixon, RESNET

Getting the details right on the ENERGY STAR Thermal Enclosure System Rater Checklist

Presenters: Rick Gazica, ICF International and Eurihea Speciale, Building Efficiency Resources

Upcoming Changes in Water Heater Ratings to Reduce Biases of Water Heater Type, Climate Zone and Hot Water Load

Presenters: Rod Buchalter, RenewABILITY Energy Inc. and Dave Roberts, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The Role of a Homebuilders Association in Fostering High Performance Homes

Presenters: Roy Honican, Blue Grass Energy and Bill Cooper, LG&E/KU

Session 4- 8:30-10:00 AM

Houses That Work: Indoor Air Quality- “Finding Opportunities & Minimizing Risks for Builders”

Presenter: Gord Cooke, Building Knowledge

Hybrid Wall Systems and Spray Foam Insulation – Meet 2012 IECC

Presenters: Lucas Hamilton and Shawn Beears, CertainTeed Corporation

Airflow Measurement Techniques

Presenter: Bill Spohn, TruTech Tools

Verifying CAZ Safety (CO, Depress, Fuel Leaks)

Presenter: Abe Kruger, Kruger Sustainability Group

Do Building Codes Really Incorporate Building Science?

Presenters: Mike Barcik, Southface Energy Institute and Robby Schwarz, EnergyLogic

Performance based energy ratings for “front line” residential energy assessment using AREVS: American Residential Energy Verification System’s Home Energy Performance Rating Calculator

Presenters: Dean Durst, ARVES Co-Founder and Managing Partner and Bob Fiorini, Director of IT

Case Studies in Coordination: ENERGY STAR Partners and HVAC Contractors Working Together to Ensure Success

Presenters: Dean Gamble (Moderator), EPA, Greg Cobb, Sonoran Air, Daran Wastchak, DR Wastchak, and CR Herro, Meritage Homes

Cost Effective Ways to Help Builders Achieve Their Home’s Desired HERS® Index Score

Presenters: Ryan McCracken, Tommy Spain and Frank Ferrentino, SkyeTec

Do You Want To Eliminate the “small print” in Your Energy Saving Program?

Presenter: Roger Lange, Bonded Builders Warranty Group


Session 5- 10:15-11:45 AM

Houses That Work for Existing Homes: Remodeling for Indoor Air Quality

Presenter: Gord Cooke, Building Knowledge

Ask the Expert!

Presenters: Lucas Hamilton, Manager, Building Science Applications & Shawn Beears, Manager,  CertainTeed Corporation

Build a Better House at Lower cost by Controlling Infiltration

Presenter: Dr. James Wells PhD, Tremco Inc

Verifying HVAC System Performance

Presenter: Dennis Stroer, Calcs Plus

Incorporating the HERS® Index Into the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC ) – A Time That Has Come?

Presenters: David Goldstein, Natural Resources Defense Council, Jim Petersen, Pulte Group and Dean Potter, K. Hovnanian Homes

How Utility Programs can Make Rater’s job easier

Presenters: Rick Gazica and Justin Mackovyak, ICF International

Marketing to Homebuyers: Capitalizing on the Compelling Value Proposition of ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

Presenters: Brian Ng, EPA and Jessica Steiner, Cadmus Group

Updates to the RESNET Quality Assurance Requirements (RESNET QAD Roundtable)

Presenter: Daran Wastchak, Chairman of RESNET Quality Assurance Committee

The Builder Said “No” to 3.0

Presenter: Bill Klotz, Everblue Training Institute and Michael Peaden, Southern Energy Management


Session 6- 2:00- 3:30 PM

How to Sell the Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Protections – New and Existing Homes

Presenter: Gord Cooke, Building Knowledge

Advancing the Industry Teamwork in Supporting the Market for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
Presenters: Ely Jacobsohn, U.S. Department of Energy

Understanding Moisture Dynamics in Residential Construction

Presenter: Dr. James Wells PhD, Tremco Inc

A Rater’s Guide to a SIP Envelope Inspection

Presenters: Al Cobb, SIP School and Don Jhanke, Energy Panel Structure

HERS® Ratings and IECC Code Compliance

Presenters: Ron Hughes, Pulaski Technical CollegeMike Berry, ICF International and Richard Faesy, Energy Futures Group

Paving the Way to Net-Zero Ready New Homes: Unprecedented Access to Expert Knowledge for Net-Zero Ready Homes with the Building America Solution Center

Presenters: Sam Rashkin, U.S. Department of Energy and Michael Baechler, Pacific Northwest Laboratory

A Primer on Designing and Installing Heating & AC Systems in ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

Presenters: Dean Gamble, EPA and Ashley Fowler ICF International

What’s New With Chapter 2? (Rater Trainer Roundtable)

Presenters: Darrel Tenter, Saturn Resource Management and Andy Gordon, Chairman of RESNET Training and Education Committee

Integrated Software Solutions for Streamlined HERS® Rating

Presenters: Michael A. Browne, Energy Raters of Massachusetts and Steven D. Gardner, Advanced Building Analysis


Session 7- 3:45- 5:15 PM

How to Implement IAQ Protections During Weatherization and Renovations (EPA – Protocols)   

Presenter: Gord Cooke, Building Knowledge

Using HERS® in a Green Renovation Project in Canada

Presenters: John Bell, Host of World’s Greenest Homes and John Godden, Clearsphere

Verifying HVAC Load Calculations

Presenters: Dennis Stroer, Calcs Plus and Isaac Savage, Home Energy Partners

The Latest and Greatest on Energy Codes “What’s in the 2012 IECC That’s Not in the Old Code and Who’s Doing What with this Code?”

Presenters: Mike Barcik and Ray Ivy, Southface Energy Institute

Why is the DOE Challenge Home Better Business for The “New Normal” Housing Market?

Presenters: Sam Rashkin, U.S. Department of Energy and Jamie Lyons, Newport Partners, LLC

How to Verify Key Components of Heating & AC Systems in ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

Presenters: Rick Gazica ICF International and Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors

HERS® Ratings & Deep Retrofit Homes

Presenters: Iain Walker and Brennan Less, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

The Power of the HERS® Index in Marketing New Homes

Presenters: Jim Petersen, Pulte Group; Jacob Atalla, KB Home and C.R. Herro, Meritage Homes


Evening Sessions- 5:30-7 PM

The Science and Process Behind Modifying REM/Rate, A Case Study

Presenters: Rob Salcido, Architectural Energy Corporation, Andrew Gordon, Washington State University Energy Program and Dan Wildenhaus and Thomas Anreise, Fluid

Using Utility Bill Analysis to Generate Auto-Calibrated Energy Models and Pre-Audit Diagnostics

Presenter: Gamaliel Lodge, OptiMiser LLC

Spray Foam Coalition- Spray Foam for Unvented Attics in Existing Buildings:  Application Guidelines Before, During and After Installation

Presenter: Dr. Rick Duncan, PE, Consultant to the Spray Foam Coalition of the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry

Designing and Building Our Net-Zero Home – Knowledge Gained and Lessons Learned

Presenters: Matthew Vande and Amy Musser, Vandemusser Design

The Impact of Return Air Strategies on Energy Efficiency, Comfort, and Cost

Presenters: Sarah Widder, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Ken Fonorow, Florida HERO

Session 8- 8:30-10:00 AM

Finally, the Truth about Condensation

Presenter: Daniel Tempas, The Dow Chemical Company

Energy Efficiency in the Wake of Natural Disasters

Presenters: Ian Buba, Ben Hayes, Michael Berry, ICF International

How a Guinness world record can bring large building testing into the mainstream

Presenter: Denali Jones, Retrotec

Case Study: Taking a 20 century house into the 21st

Presenters: Robby Schwarz and, Charlie Stevens, EnergyLogic

The Cross-Border Challenge “Are Canadian Builders Better Than US Builders?”

Presenters: John Godden, Canadian Residential Energy Services Networkand Steve Baden, RESNET

Paving the Way to Net-Zero Ready New Homes: How to Execute HERS® Plan Evaluation and Field Verification for DOE Challenge Homes

Presenter: Jamie Lyons, Newport Partners, LLC and Dennis Stroer, Calcs Plus

New Opportunities for Raters: ENERGY STAR’s Multifamily High Rise Program

Presenters: Ted Leopkey, US EPA and Gayathri Vijayakumar, Steven Winters Associates

FHA PowerSaver Program

Presenter: Ed Thomas, UtilityExchange.org and Thorne Butler, W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital Corp.

ENERGY STAR V3.0: Program Survival Strategies in Year One

Presenters: Kathy Greely, Performance Systems Development; Ben Adams, MaGrann Associates; Mike Burke, CSG and Shaun Hassel, Advanced Energy


Session 9- 10:15-11:45 AM

Swimming Pool Energy Audits – Energy Savings for Homes with Pools

Presenters: Jeff Farlow, Pentair Water Pool and Spa: Steve Easley, Steve Easley and Associates and Steve Barnes, Pentair Water Pool and Spa

HERS® Ratings in the Retrofit Market

Presenters: Mike Berry and Greg Krantz, ICF International

Fannie Mae Multifamily Green Initiative

Presenter: Chrissa Pagitsas and Donna Varner, Fannie Mae

Observed Variability in Indoor Space Temperature in a Set of 60 Homes

Presenter: Dave Roberts, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Early Returns on Blended Learning – Trainer Panel on the Pro and Cons of On-Site vs. Online Training Methodology

Presenters: Scott Doyle, EnergyLogic; Darrel Tenter, Saturn Resource Management and Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors

Paving the Way to Net-Zero Ready New Homes: What Business Metrics are Driving Today’s Net-Zero Ready Home Builders?

Presenters: Sam Rashkin, U.S. Department of Energy, Rob Smith, e2 Homes, Inc., Jacob Atalla, KB Home and CR Herro, Meritage Homes

The “V” in HVAC: Mechanical Ventilation in ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

Presenters: Dean Gamble, EPA and Charlie Haack, ICF International

The SAVE Act – Mainstreaming Energy Efficiency Into the Mortgage Loan and Appraisal Process and “What’s Going On” – Developments in Congress

Presenters: Clayton Traylor, Leading Builders of America and Lee O’Neal, MABTEC

Building Air-Tightness Testing – Beyond the Basics

Presenter: Gary Nelson, The Energy Conservatory


Session 10- 2:00- 3:30 PM

Home Energy Rating Systems in Other Nations – The Industry Expands Internationally

Presenters: Steve Byers, EnergyLogicAllison A Bailes III, Energy Vanguard and John Godden, Canadian Residential Energy Services Network

Implementation of Affordable Audits and Retrofit Products

Presenters: Rob Moody, Organic Think; Ryan Boswell and Seth Baldy; Clinton Foundation

Updates in Water Efficiency: WaterSense for Multi-Family and More Energy Savings You Could be Missing

Presenter: Jonah Schein, EPA WaterSense Program

The Independent Rater- “Challenges and Opportunities”

Presenter: Emelie Cuppernell, Performance Systems Development

SPF Industry Major Milestones 2012 – 2013

Presenters: Kurt RiesenbergRichard Duncan, Bonnie Strickler, and Kelly Marcavage, SPFA

DOE Programs Paving the Way to High Performance Home Improvements: What Top Innovations from Building America are Paving a Path to High Performance Home Improvements?

Presenter: Sam Rashkin and Eric Werling, U.S. Department of Energy

Getting the details right on the ENERGY STAR Water Management System Builder Checklist

Presenters: Charlie Haack, ICF International and Michael Brown, ICF International

Getting Builder’s Sales Staff On-board with Energy Efficiency

Presenters: Amber Stewart, and Rick Gazica, ICF International

The Role of Utilities of Marketing the HERS® Index to Improve Building Performance

Presenters: Roy Honican, Blue Grass Energy and Bill Cooper, LG&E/KU


Session 11- 3:45- 5:15 PM

Multi-Family Above-Code Certifications: Real World Things You Need to Know to do Them Right

Presenter: Ray Ivy, Southface Energy Institute

Rock the CAZ-Bah!

Presenters: Rob Moody, Organic Think and Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” but theft is illegal!

Presenters: T. Dean Moody, Esq., President, Blow in Blanket Contractors Association/President, Intermountain West Insulation and Kristin Bennett, Executive Director Blow In Blanket Contractors Association

DOE Programs Paving the Way to Zero Net-Energy Ready New Homes: What DOE Challenge Home Specifications Define Truly Zero Net-Energy Ready Performance?

Presenter: Sam Rashkin, U.S. Department of Energy and Jamie Lyons, Newport Partners, LLC

Building on ENERGY STAR: Stepping up to EPA’s Indoor airPLUS label

Presenters: Rick Gazica ICF International and James Ball, Cadmus Group

Utility On-Bill Financing and Payment Recovery Programs

Presenters: John Ahearn, NYSERDA; Lindsey Smith, Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina and Greg Swob, Midwest Energy

Building Inspections using Thermography

Presenter: Jay Bowen, FLIR/Infrared Training Center